Vernon Smith, Economics Nobel prize laureate 2002, dated 3 September 2018

“Posted it on my family chat; great book for my grandkids and their parents.” [See this Facebook post and various comments.]

My mother, dated 7 September 2018

“I read your new book on economics for children. I found this book excellent in every respect. It is a beautifully written book replete with interesting anecdotes. This book is full of information knowledge that is useful not only for children but for adults also.

“It is written in such a persuasive and interesting manner that every child would like to read this book again and again . I read this whole book in one sitting. Actually, I have no proper words to explain the quality and beauty of this book .

“In addition to the knowledge this book will provide to the children on economics, I liked that portion also where you have laid emphasis on human qualities like love, trust, cooperation and compassion. These qualities are very essential for leading a fulfilling life. A child should become a good human being, a good law abiding citizen first in order to enjoy the benefits of economic growth.”